Write for DeviousGentlemen

Do you know your way around a cocktail or two?

Have you mastered the craft of wooing and wordcraft?

Is your style so impeccable a second look is always required?

Are you a well-traveled scholar with an affinity for the finer things in life (or at least write like one)?

Is your writing quite frankly the wittiest and most knowledgeable of all the land?


If so, you my friend are a DeviousGentlemen. Both male and females candidates are encouraged to apply.

To apply send an email with the following to info@deviousgentlemen.com

  1. Which category you would like to write for: Manner’s & Mischief, StyleFood & Drink, Life, Worldly Wisdom.
  2. A writing sample or link to work.
  3. A brief introduction and why you would like to write for DG.